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globalcoolo necklace aquamarina w/ pearls

GlobalcoolO necklace aquamarina w/ pearls

My dear friend Patrizia Iacino, an Italian architect by training, who lives in New York, is the designer of really hot and trendy environmentally friendly jewelry!
You have to see it – really!

She takes everyday objects – considered trash by most of us – and combines things like empty contact cases or milk bottle caps with silver and pearls, creating inventive and sexy jewelry. 

Her bio offers this explanation for her creative pieces:

“The high-energy vibe of her chosen hometown of New York, where the concepts of use, refuse, and recycle are evident everywhere heightened Patrizia’s awareness for the environment. This, coupled with her “classical” Italian artistic/architectural training, gave birth to the idea of “ecological” jewelry: GlobalcoolO” 

And cool it is!

Her pieces were featured in Glamour Italy in February 2009, the Work Style magazine in June and Nylon in 2008 – among others. 

Her website is: - check it out!

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