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sesame egg on chives

Good press is a wonderful thing and I am very happy to be the subject of a lovely article in the popular Mumbai Boss blog:

“It’s not often that a restaurant enlists an artist to cook a nine-course sit down dinner. But Cariya Breemen, an American culinary artist, as she calls herself, is not your average brush-toting creative soul. For one, she has degrees in psychology and sociology, and in addition to being a full-time painter, is a professional cook who also dabbles in couture.

For another, despite being vegetarian, she is able to masterfully plate up non-vegetarian dishes based on how they smell and feel (for the record Breemen was once a carnivore). Her Italian-influenced style of cooking is entirely self-taught, born out of 30 years of experience rather than through cooking courses.

Having already served as a guest chef at Valhalla last October to great success (the event was sold out before invites were even issued), Breemen returns on Tuesday, April 6 and and Wednesday, April 7 to serve up a nine-course pre-plated treat for 60 guests. The menu is carefully planned, with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options including hot gruyere thyme gougeres, chargrilled prawns, pea cappuccino and blue cheese mousse. The rest of the menu can be seen here.

To make a booking, call Abby on  96191 95237.”

To take a look at the actual article, please visit: and to see and read more of the really cool Mumbai Boss blog, just go to

Thank you, Tara!!!

New York in February

New York at night

Back to New York for a while – I am very excited! Tomorrow evening we will go to London and then back to New York for two weeks.
I can’t wait to catch up on all the new restaurant that opened, to visit my old favorites and to indulge in all the delicacies I miss so much. I am thinking fresh, crusty bread; real mac&cheese, maybe with some truffle; a nice veggie duck Thai dinner, etc., etc.
I will report on all my new discoveries and keep you posted on old favorites. More soon from cold and wintery New York!

’20s couture

detail of Charlotte

detail of Charlotte

Paris inspired me to finally put to good use the wonderful hand stitched lace I purchased there last year! It became the bottom part of a richly ornamented robe – a detail pictured above.

Since the holiday season is coming up, Charlotte (the name of the model) might inspire some gift ideas?!

wanted: a sample maker!!!

sewing patternsewing pattern


My sample and pattern maker in Mumbai left me – or better, priced himself out of the market after delivering worse and worse quality.

If anyone knows of a good and reasonable couture sample and pattern maker, who doresn’t want to be hired full-time but is available for project work, PLEASE let me know!

The person would need to be able to create a pattern and make a first sample from a sketch, and then sew the actual design in VERY high quality.

Any insights you may have are greatly appreciated – thank you in advance!

GlobalcoolO – cool!


globalcoolo necklace aquamarina w/ pearls

GlobalcoolO necklace aquamarina w/ pearls

My dear friend Patrizia Iacino, an Italian architect by training, who lives in New York, is the designer of really hot and trendy environmentally friendly jewelry!
You have to see it – really!

She takes everyday objects – considered trash by most of us – and combines things like empty contact cases or milk bottle caps with silver and pearls, creating inventive and sexy jewelry. 

Her bio offers this explanation for her creative pieces:

“The high-energy vibe of her chosen hometown of New York, where the concepts of use, refuse, and recycle are evident everywhere heightened Patrizia’s awareness for the environment. This, coupled with her “classical” Italian artistic/architectural training, gave birth to the idea of “ecological” jewelry: GlobalcoolO” 

And cool it is!

Her pieces were featured in Glamour Italy in February 2009, the Work Style magazine in June and Nylon in 2008 – among others. 

Her website is: - check it out!

and you can buy her unique and affordable jewelry at

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