Elle happy hour at the Harbour Bar

Harbour Bar at the Taj

Yesterday we hosted our very own Elle sponsored happy hour at the Harbour Bar at the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai – very glamorous!

Elle magazine’s group publisher bestowed the honor on us to invite our friends to be hosted at the reopened and newly renovated Harbour Bar at the luxurious hotel in South Bombay.

We celebrated accordingly and I think everybody had a great time. If you like, check out the pictures in the next Elle magazine India!

Hotel Nasco in Milan

hotel Nasco lobby

hmmm…. what can I say?

Usually I make it a point only to cover things that are super fabulous and hotel Nasco certainly doesn’t fall in that category. It is supposed to have 4 stars and I am not sure, who gave that rating and based on what. Hotel Daniel in Paris has 4 stars and there are worlds between those two places…

The location is not “convenient to all things in Milan” as advertised by trip advisor, but a good mile outside its center. Maybe trip advisor is not the right place to turn for that kind of information in the first place though – my mistake, I guess!

The restaurant doesn’t need mentioning, because there isn’t really one and the room service pizza comes from the freezer section of the supermarket, indeed conveniently located around the corner!

However, there are two things very worth to point out about hotel Nasco: pretty much all of their staff is fabulous, kind and friendly beyond anything one can expect, and the price for the night is stunningly cheap – go figure!

I don’t recommend the hotel, but it was an interesting experience nevertheless and the smile of one of the front desk employees was brightening my day every time!

a gem in Paris

hotel Daniel in Paris

This hotel is a beautiful hidden gem right in the middle of Paris! On Rue Frédéric Bastiat, just off bustling Champs Elysées, it is very conveniently located and a true oasis in Parisian luxury. The hotel is a little jewelry box with great attention to detail in its decor and lovely caring and friendly staff!

the restaurant in the Hotel Daniel in Paris

The restaurant is also a true delight and simply everything about this place is fantastic – maybe not the price, but it is expected not to be cheap to deliver such pleasures. Don’t miss out on this beautiful place the next time you are in Paris!