Pizza on the LES



Now Rosario’s Pizza doesn’t fit in with my usual dining places, but it is a great destination nevertheless!

The owner Sal Bartolomeo is a wonderful guy and he whips up the most amazing italian food and especially his pizza is the real thing – NY style! Rosario’s is a true Lower East Side experience at a very good price, located at 173 Orchard at the corner of Stanton.

In case you are wondering why Sal has a restaurant called Rosario’s, that is because his uncle opened it in 1963 and his name was Rosario.

If you crave a real NY pizza made by a real Italian, don’t miss out and stop by at Rosario’s!

Le Zie 2000

Le Zie 2000

Back in New York – yeah!!!

One of the first places we hit first when coming back was Le Zie 2000 – a rather strange name for a lovely little place on 7th Avenue between 20 and 21st Street. The food is Venetian inspired Italian. Not michelin star quality, but solid good food at a very reasonable price.

Definitely try the truffle mac & cheese and their hand made pici. The mixed appetizers are also delightful – if you are vegetarian, they cater to that as well – and if you are in the market for fish and meat, the selection of the little mini plates offers a wide variety of culinary delicacies!

It’s worth a visit – try it out!

New York in February

New York at night

Back to New York for a while – I am very excited! Tomorrow evening we will go to London and then back to New York for two weeks.
I can’t wait to catch up on all the new restaurant that opened, to visit my old favorites and to indulge in all the delicacies I miss so much. I am thinking fresh, crusty bread; real mac&cheese, maybe with some truffle; a nice veggie duck Thai dinner, etc., etc.
I will report on all my new discoveries and keep you posted on old favorites. More soon from cold and wintery New York!

Stella: stellar!

Stella at the Leela, Mumbai

Stella at the Leela, Mumbai

India so far doesn’t have Michelin stars, but when they come, Stella at the Leela Kempinski hotel in Mumbai most certainly deserves at least one!

The restaurant is not necessarily conveniently located coming from South Bombay, but a wonderful stop-over on the way to the airport for those great “middle of the night”- flights. (Everybody, who ever has flown out of India most likely had the “pleasure” of having to board one of those flights conveniently departing between midnight and 4 am in the morning! Don’t ask, it is an India thing and has to do with the arrival times in other parts of the world – you get used to it and in the end it does make sense).

Anyway, back to Stella: the restaurant serves lovely high-end, creative Italian fare and is definitely worth a visit. The bill is not for the faint-hearted, but the quality makes up for the stiff price tag!

Next time, to (or from) the airport, or just because, stop by at this wonderful 8th floor restaurant for an exceptional dining experience!

bread dumplings

bread dumpling in mushroom cream

bread dumpling in mushroom cream

bread dumplings are a great winter dish and fabulous for making use of old and stale bread. However, they work just as well with nice fresh bread, too!

Ingredients for 4 – 6 people:

one French baguette (sourdough, rye, rolls or hearty dark bread are fine as well – you also can mix if you like)

2 eggs

milk (skim or full fat)

bread crumbs (unflavored)

half an onion (medium size, white)

parsley (dried or fresh) – optional

caraway seeds (optional)




Cut the bread in medium size cubes – maybe about 1″x1″ – and put them in a large bowl. Pour milk on the bread that is nicely dowsed. Don’t drown it though, you want to soak the bread, not making a liquid bread soup.

Dice the onion finely and add to the bread and add the parsley and the caraway seeds if you like. Season with salt and pepper. Mix everything together. The mixture should be kind of crumbly at this point. Don’t mush the bread completely – it is okay to still have visible junks.

Add the two eggs and knead everything together. Add breadcrumbs until you reach a consistency that allows the dough to stick together and you can form it into a shape.

Make dumplings – as large or small as you like. If you have them as a side dish, make them a bit bigger. If you want to serve them in a soup, I recommend a smaller size to make it easier to eat.

Bring a large pot of salted  water to a boil and boil the dumplings in the salt water until done. The small ones will need about 20-25 minutes, the big ones up to 35-40. Another option is to steam them Рit keeps the outside drier and the risk of them falling apart during the cooking process is eliminated.

Check one dumpling to make sure that they are really done – the inside needs to be dry. If it it is still wet and doughy, they need longer.

Serve the dumplings with anything from a beef stew to a light creamy mushroom sauce. I love fresh chanterelles for example – as a soup or in a sauce.