Valhalla menu

fine diningfine dining

We did it: 2 nights, 60 seats, 10 courses – that is 600 plates for one evening!

Here the menu from the Valhalla events:

fried green and black olives stuffed with almonds and garlic& cucumber- caper mayonnaise

onion, garlic & chili marmalade mini toasts on a bed of fenugreek

roasted garlic soup with garlic chips, croutons and fried garlic root

mozzarella with fresh basil, truffle oil infused cherry tomatoes, black summer truffles & balsamic reduction

crespelle rolls with roasted zucchini, goat cheese & fresh cilantro

hand-cut oregano pappardelle with black olives fresh arugula, arugula pesto & parmesan flakes

eggplant parmigiana with parmesan crisp

manchego with plum sauce, gorgonzola with honey & brie with fig compote

white poppy ice cream with ricotta cream & mint leave

spice cake squares and chocolate sauce

vertical eggs

vertical eggs

vertical eggs

This recipe is a bit elaborate and requires a good deal of logistical discipline since seconds are a matter of importance in order to pull this one off. However, it is worth the effort!

Here is what you need:

2 egg yolks

2 egg whites

2 eggs

yes, that is 4 eggs in total!

fresh or dried chives


sea salt

truffles (fresh or in a glass)

truffle oil (black or white – either is fine!)

white sesame seeds

grated mozzarella or another mild cheese such as young Edam or Gouda



Start by separating the two eggs into the yolks and the egg whites. Keep the yolks separate in two small bowls. Coat one egg yolk with sesame seeds. Be careful that the seeds don’t pierce the egg!

Mix the egg whites with the chives and some sesame seeds, season with pepper and sea salt.

Break the other two eggs and mix them with the cheese, also season to taste with pepper and salt (sea salt – always!).

Now here is where the timing gets important! You want everything ready at the same time (cold eggs are awful!), therefore put the following aspects into consideration:

If you want your egg yolks medium done (still soft and and slightly runny on the inside, but a bit firm on the outside) that takes about 2-3 minutes for both, the poaching and the frying).

Bring the salted water for the egg yolk you are poaching to a boil. Don’t put the egg yolk in until you are sure you only need another 3 minutes to finish everything else.

Butter two pans, one for the egg white omelet and one for the regular cheese omelet. Use medium sized pans since you want the omelets thin.

Add the respective egg mixtures to the pans, let one side fry and then flip over to do the other side.

Get a third pan ready for the sesame covered egg yolk. Once you flipped the omelets over to fry the second side, put the egg yolks in the water and pan.

Once the omelets are done, take them out of the pan and cut into two-inch wide strips. Weave them together, or in other words, fold the omelets over each other – one layer egg white omelet, one layer regular – that you create a verticality on your plate: a 2’x2” square parcel out of the two omelets. You will have the outer strips of the omelet left over since they have the sides rounded and therefore can’t be used. Keep them separate for another use, or eat them as you layer the actual dish.

Take the egg yolks out of the pan and water – make sure that they weren’t in for more than the necessary 2-3 minutes and stack them on top of the omelet parcel. Put the sesame yolk first and then top it with the poached yolk. Make sure they don;t break before they are in position!

Decorate with truffle oil and shaved truffles and serve on toast or thin-cut roasted potato strips.


P.S. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying – it is worth it!

Happy Diwali!!!


Diwali fireworks on Marine Drive

Diwali fireworks on Marine Drive


India is amazing, and India during Diwali is especially beautiful!

The festival of lights, which also marks the New Year, is celebrated in style with lots of lights, candles and fireworks.

I feel very fortunate to live on Marine Drive, the seafront street facing the Arabian Sea here in Mumbai. It is also known as the “Queen’s Necklace”, because of the lights, illuminating the boulevard like a glittering necklace by night.

During the main three days of Diwali the whole street turns into a launching pad for hour-long fireworks. A spectacle incomparable to anything I experienced pretty much anywhere else in the world.

If you don’t have to be anywhere else during this festive period, give Mumbai a try next year – it is worth it!!!

GlobalcoolO – cool!


globalcoolo necklace aquamarina w/ pearls

GlobalcoolO necklace aquamarina w/ pearls

My dear friend Patrizia Iacino, an Italian architect by training, who lives in New York, is the designer of really hot and trendy environmentally friendly jewelry!
You have to see it – really!

She takes everyday objects – considered trash by most of us – and combines things like empty contact cases or milk bottle caps with silver and pearls, creating inventive and sexy jewelry. 

Her bio offers this explanation for her creative pieces:

“The high-energy vibe of her chosen hometown of New York, where the concepts of use, refuse, and recycle are evident everywhere heightened Patrizia’s awareness for the environment. This, coupled with her “classical” Italian artistic/architectural training, gave birth to the idea of “ecological” jewelry: GlobalcoolO” 

And cool it is!

Her pieces were featured in Glamour Italy in February 2009, the Work Style magazine in June and Nylon in 2008 – among others. 

Her website is: - check it out!

and you can buy her unique and affordable jewelry at

You also can become a fan on facebook

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