Blue Frog


On Friday evening I went to Blue Frog, a club in Mumbai, where Ashu Phatak, the son of a dear friend of ours performed. Here some information on Ashu:

“Ashu is a part of the blueFROG family and we have been watching him perform since his very first gig at The Frog after a gap of 15 years. We see a remarkable evolution in style and content from that first Frog gig until now – a journey that very few musicians succeed in taking in such a short period of time. His new album Petri dish is testament to that. From his first psychedelic Rock album, Ashu has transformed his sound into something very experimental and alluring. This gig is a must watch for people who have seen Ashu before because they are in for a sweet surprise; and for those who haven’t because they are in for a revelation. Ashu will perform a few songs from his latest album Petri dish.”

All I can say is: his stuff is awesome – I use that word rarely, but he deserves it! While you will miss the performance, which in his case is a big part of the experience, here is a very neat nugget: You can download some of his music for free – legally – from Blue Frog’s website


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