Room Service

Room Service is a very nice addition to the many, many restaurants that are already there in Hells Kitchen along 9th Avenue. Located between 47th and 48th Street on the East side of the Avenue right in the middle of the block, it sports a beautifully designed dining space with bar area.

The food is Thai – now I am not quite sure why Hell’s Kitchen needs another Thai restaurant, the area somehow seems to develop into little Bangkok – but the cuisine is very well executed and quite authentic.

The decor at Room Service is definitely worth mentioning and the gigantic chandelier in the middle of the room is gorgeous, even though it takes up a lot of space.

The wine list is tiny, but the prices are great, and the food menu is quite extensive and allows for great choices for carnivores as well as vegetarians.

Definitely a great addition to the many choices that are there already – worthy of many returns!

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