Union Square Cafe

Union Square Cafe

Union Square Cafe

USC – an oldie, but goodie!

I know there are very mixed reviews out there and I am sure they are all justified – the experience at this lovely Union Square dining spot does vary!

Yesterday I had a very good one though and it most certainly was due to the great, great service we received. Our waitress was knowledgeable, friendly and very switched on. We had a somewhat intoxicated has-been celebrity on the next table and were very swiftly moved to a table out of earshot when said person tried to resurrect their singing career.

The food was quite nice as well, even though some of the advertised ingredients indeed were missing. E.g. the blood orange, fennel and arugula salad didn’t have any arugula, but was nevertheless absolutely delicious.

The main courses were very good too and because we couldn’t make up our mind, we combined two starter sized main courses into one and ended up with a taste of 3 main courses and a side dish. Everything interestingly enough on the sweet side, but definitely nicely composed.

The wine list is beautiful and again our waitress did not disappoint and made a great suggestion that accompanied the food perfectly.

All in all it was a very positive experience and I very much would go back there any time!

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